Personal Loans

For CAANO Employees Federal Credit Union, personal loans are not new at all, and the pandemic did not get in our way. Long before this uncertain period, our credit union offered the possibility to our members to obtain a personal loan only with the ID card, from their own home.

Available amounts: $5,000 - $15,000

Available terms:2 - 36 months

Personal loans are used to consolidate debt or pay for more significant expenses like study taxes or long holidays.

How to Get an Online Cash Loan?


We are partners with the most important direct lenders in the credit market. We will study together with the offer of these lenders and we will choose the offer that suits you best to declare you fully satisfied.

However, given the circumstances, it is much safer for each of us to keep any interaction to a minimum. And if technology helps us, why not take advantage?

Maybe now, more than ever, you find it more difficult to get a personal loan. You are probably thinking about the future that "does not sound good", the queuing at the traditional financial institution, or the fact that the company will not consider you eligible. That's why we are here to help you. You can fill in the application form and request a personal loan now.